How To Choose The Right Water Softener For Your Home

Oct 5, 2023

Hard water creates kinks in your daily routine and you don’t even know it! Homes with hard water experience limescale buildup and mineral residue, reduced appliance efficiency, and less cleaning power—especially in the shower! That means your hair and skin might not be getting the deep clean you need.

The good news is that by choosing the right water softener for your home, you can create a custom solution based on your household needs, water usage, family budget, and maintenance schedule. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide about what to look for in a water softener so you can make an informed decision.

How to Choose the Right Water Softener

1. Check your water hardness levels.

The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a water softener is your water hardness levels. Nearly 85% of homes in the US deal with hard water, but mineral levels can vary. Refer to your local water quality report or use a home water testing kit to check your water hardness levels. Once you know what’s in your water, you can reduce those extra minerals that are changing the taste, smell, and texture of your water.

2. Consider your household water usage.

Think about how much water your household uses on any given day. Large families or multigenerational households may use more water and need a water softener that provides more capacity and constant flow.

3. Evaluate the different kinds of water softeners.

There are so many different types of water softeners, each with its benefits. Once you know what’s in your water and how much you typically use, you can determine how to best address your hard water problems. With our range of soft water systems, it’s easy to prioritize what you need.

Automatic Water Softeners

Automatic water softeners use advanced technology to maximize versatility and efficiency in the softening process. These traditional softeners are a great choice for households that need a convenient, low-maintenance water system. The advanced monitoring system provides water usage patterns and peak flow rates so you can start to enjoy the benefits of soft water without lifting a finger.

Water Softener Exchange Tanks

Water softener portable exchange tanks are an eco-friendly alternative to water softeners. PE tanks are a great option for renters, California residents with water use restrictions, members of an HOA, or anyone concerned about how their water softener might contribute to salt pollution. We deliver the soft water tank straight to your home – no need to hook up to electricity or drainage!

Whole House No Salt Conditioners

Whole house no-salt conditioners deliver clean, softened water without requiring users to refill the salt, potassium, or filter cartridges. No-salt water conditioners don’t eliminate minerals from the water, but instead crystallize the minerals so that they are free to flow through your home’s pipes without depositing scale.

4. Determine your budget.

One of the best things about the wide range of water softeners on the market today is that there’s a custom soft water solution for every budget! Once you’ve compiled your concerns and non-negotiables about your water quality, use these to determine a sustainable budget. Consider the water softener equipment price, plus some if you’re responsible for maintenance and salt refills.

5. Opt for an energy-efficient soft water system.

There are a lot of great options out there, so if you’re having trouble choosing the right water softener, opt for an energy-efficient system. Energy-efficient models can help you save money on your utility bills. Water softeners with an energy-efficient rating use less water during the regeneration process.

6. Find the right water softener with a water treatment company you can trust.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of soft water in your home, it may be time to find a family business that you can trust! We’ve been serving the people of North County with soft water solutions for over 60 years, and we’ll always be there for our customers. Any reputable water treatment company should have a place for reviews of service and/or interactions with customers, which could be a live chat, phone number, or social media.

Learning how to choose the right water softener for you and your family will improve the health, comfort, and convenience of your household. To get started, familiarize yourself with local water hardness levels and water contaminants so you can address those hard water problems head-on! Our RWI water quality experts can help you evaluate your water softener options and create a custom solution for your home’s water quality. Contact us today for more information on how to choose the perfect water softener and more custom clean water solutions for your home!

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