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Information for Current Customers of RWI Water Systems


AUTOPAY is our most popular option for easy and convenient payments. We have two types of autopay options to fit what is best for you.

Credit Card Option: Provide your credit card information and it will be stored in a Secure Encrypted File and your payment will be automatically processed on the 2nd of each month. Easy, convenient, no wasteful paper bills.

Bank Option: Provide your bank details for a direct payment option. Your information will be stored in a Secure Encrypted File and your checking account will be charged by the 10th of each month for your service. Convenient, consistent, and no need to remember to pay a paper bill.

Online bill pay via email

Receive your monthly statement via email. With our email billing option, you will receive your statement electronically and choose the option of payment most convenient to you. We offer credit card, check, or online bank pay as convenient options.  To set up this easy, environmentally friendly option, call our team with your current email address, and we will take care of the rest! Call us direct at 760-724-8605.

Annual or semi-annual discount

Pay 12 months in advance and receive 5% off your total bill or pay 6 months in advance and receive up to 3% off your total bill. Call our team and they will help you take care of your payment easily! Call us to set up your discounted payment at 760-724-8605.


We accept all major credit cards.

Contact customer service at 760-724-8603 to sign up for any of our programs!

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