Drinking Water Systems

Pure, Clean Drinking Water Right at Home!

RWI Water Systems offers premium reverse osmosis water systems that provide clean, healthy, great-tasting water to homes throughout the North County area. These drinking water systems are perfect for your home or office and offer the convenience and luxury of a continuous supply of clean water at a reasonable cost.

Advantages of Fresh, Clean Drinking Water in Your Home

Plastic bottles are expensive, cumbersome to buy, and bad for the environment. Upgrading to an in-home reverse osmosis system will save you time and money. Read about more benefits of having a reverse osmosis drinking water system in your home here.

drinking water systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis filtration systems effectively reduce harmful contaminants and undesired minerals from tap water, giving you convenient, fresh, clean water in your home. Reverse osmosis systems are the most cost-effective way to provide a continuous supply of clean water in your home. With a reverse osmosis system from RWI Water Systems, you can produce up to 50 gallons of water per day, run the line to your ice maker for great tasting ice cubes, and eliminate the need to constantly buy individual plastic water bottles or large jugs.

In today’s health conscious environment, alkaline added filtration can be beneficial to maintaining an optimal pH level. Alkaline filtration is available on all reverse osmosis drinking water systems.


Water Coolers for Your Home or Office

RWI Water Systems offers premium water coolers that are economical and convenient for both your home and office. RWI Water Systems water coolers feature many advantages giving you hot, cold and room temperature drinking water at your fingertips. We’ve eliminated the large water bottles that are heavy and cumbersome with a low cost, easy to maintain system that provides clean, fresh water whenever you want.

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