How Do Water Softeners Impact Appliances and Plumbing?

Jul 31, 2023

If you’re tired of dealing with laundry that never seems clean, limescale buildup on faucets, and a screaming hot water heater, you need a soft water solution for your home. Installing a water softener gives your appliances and plumbing the sweet nectar that they’ve been craving! Let’s talk about how switching to soft water can impact the efficiency and longevity of your home’s appliances and plumbing.

How do water softeners impact appliances, plumbing, and other household items?

1. Water softeners impact appliances that use water by improving their efficiency.

Hard water keeps your appliances from performing at their best. The minerals in hard water will form a residue buildup and over time, cause damage to the appliance. Common hard water problems include reduced water flow and clogged components or plumbing.

Not only is stubborn limescale hard to clean, but it forces the appliance to use more energy to achieve the same effect. But don’t worry— installing a water softener will improve the efficiency of your appliances. By removing the excess minerals, water softeners allow your household appliances to get the job done!

2. Water softeners can increase the lifespan of appliances.

Since household appliances can be quite a significant investment, we think that they should last as long as possible. Hard water deposits will sabotage your trusty dishwasher or washing machine and decrease the lifespan of all your appliances. Hard water is not your friend! On the other hand, soft water works like a nurturing elixir for the machines that keep your household running smoothly.

3. Water softeners can prevent mineral buildup inside pipes and increase water flow.

When we talk about the benefits of installing a water softener, we’re talking about more than just what it can do for your appliances. The benefits of water softening go deep, all the way down to the bare bones of your home: the plumbing!

Many people don’t know that water softeners can actually increase water flow. With hard water, the minerals settle in the pipes and cause resistance, resulting in reduced water pressure. A water softener removes these minerals to ensure a steady supply of water throughout your home.

4. Water softeners ensure cleaner laundry.

You may have noticed that washing clothes with hard water can sometimes leave them crispy with residue and even a little smelly. Since hard water struggles to mix with soap and detergent, it can be difficult to get a good lather. The lack of evident cleansing prompts some people to use even more detergent, but all that product is just sticking to your garments!

Laundry that’s not completely clean can impact the condition of your clothes and how they feel on your body, but it can also result in skin irritation, unpleasant odor, and other uncomfortable side effects. Using soft water in your laundry will produce that satisfying lather and get you the cleanest, softest, and most vibrant clothes possible.

5. Water softeners can lower energy bills.

Hard water can take a serious toll on your water heater. As the limescale builds up in your water heater, it works as an insulating material that causes your water heater to work overtime. Using a water softener eliminates that residue so that your water heater can work as intended. Most people experience lower energy bills after installing a water softener, so you could say the system pays for itself!

Embrace the Benefits of Soft Water with RWI Water Systems

Say goodbye to limescale residue and hello to improved appliance efficiency! When it comes to water softeners, the benefits of soft water far outweigh the risks. Not only will your household be running more efficiently, but installing a water softener can help you save money, too. Embrace all the benefits of softened water with RWI Water Systems! Our water quality experts can help you choose a best-selling system that fits your water treatment needs.

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