Benefits of Clean Water at Home

High quality, clean water at home – Bottled water quality without the waste!

Ensuring the everyday water we drink is safe and natural is as important as the water itself. Water from our taps can come with undesired additions. These include silt, rust, and other minerals that change the taste and may not be good for our bodies. Fortunately, reverse osmosis drinking water systems from RWI Water Systems provide pure, clean, great tasting water in the convenience of your home! Eliminating reliance on plastic water bottles saves you money, time, and is helpful for the environment.


Advantages of fresh, clean drinking water in your home

Clean water: While our tap water is monitored for dangerous levels of contaminants, government regulations allow for “safe levels” of things like arsenic or chromium. Your tap water may contain trace amounts of chemicals and minerals that you don’t want your family consuming in any level. Having a reverse osmosis drinking water system from RWI Water Systems installed in your North County home will ensure you are drinking pure, clean water.

Convenience: Purchasing cases of water bottles at the grocery store is expensive. Furthermore, they are heavy to transport, and so often you find only half-drunk bottles lying around the house or car. With an in-home drinking water system, you can fill re-useable water bottles, cutting down on the waste of both water and plastic. Plus, no lifting heavy cases from the car to your home!

Cost: The cost of purchasing endless plastic water bottles or filters for pitchers in your refrigerator adds up to more than the monthly cost of a drinking water system in your home. Plus, those filters you’re using either mounted on your faucet or in the pitcher in the fridge, aren’t removing all the minerals and chemicals in your water. So, you’re not getting the high quality, clean water you want.


The cost savings and convenience of clean water are just a few of the benefits to having a drinking water system in your home. If you live in North County, contact us to learn more about your drinking water system options!

There are so many benefits to reverse osmosis systems and clean drinking water. Contact RWI Water Systems today to get this great service for your home!