Why Is Hard Water On Skin a Problem?

Sep 3, 2020

The effects of hard water on skin can be troublesome. In fact, Americans spend millions of dollars every year on cleansers and creams, hoping to improve the look and feel of their skin. Instead of spending lots of money on skincare products, what if we told you that you could notice an improvement simply by investing in a water softener if you do have hard water in your household? Plus, a home water softening system will provide you with TONS of other benefits, too!

Can hard water make skin conditions worse?

There are lots of environmental reasons that your skin could be red, itchy or dry. But, did you know that hard water is actually one of the more common reasons? Your tap water could be causing skin problems, but because we cannot see anything wrong with the water, we often assume something else is to blame. Even those without skin issues will feel the effects of hard water – those sneaky minerals!

Those who suffer from common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne or rosacea are probably noticing them to be more pronounced. Recent studies proved that there is an increased risk for atopic dermatitis (a flaky, itchy skin condition) in areas with high levels of water hardness.

Hard water impacts skin health because it leaves a residue on your skin’s surface. Your body produces a natural oil called sebum through the sebaceous glands which acts as a protective barrier against dryness. Washing with hard water and soap ends with a leftover film which clogs pores. This can result in breakouts and can aggravate your underlying skin conditions.

What are the known effects of hard water on skin?

  • Clogged pores lead to America’s most common skin condition – acne.
  • Soap residue can lead to premature skin aging.
  • Elements found in hard water, such as magnesium and even iron, form free radicals known to break down collagen in healthy skin cells. Loss of collagen can mean sagginess, fine lines and of course those dreaded wrinkles.
  • Prolonged exposure aggravates eczema, psoriasis and other conditions as previously mentioned. 
  • Noticeable itchy or flaky skin.
  • Dull hair and an itchy scalp.

How can water softeners help?

The biggest water softener benefit for your skin  is the removal of hard minerals which will then make it easier to fully remove the soap residue. This will reduce clogged pores and create a healthier look and feel for your face and body.

Softened water is a great investment for your skin and hair – beauty doesn’t always come from a bottle or a cream. From automatic water softeners and portable exchange tank services to our whole house, no-salt conditioners, we have a variety of products that will be perfect for any household.

Give us a call soon – your skin will thank you by looking and feeling better than ever!

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