Which Water Softener Salt Is Best?

Nov 27, 2020

Surprisingly, water is not just simply water! There’s hard and soft water and water quality varies by region and even by household. If you notice water marks, ugly stains, or soap residue on your bathtubs, showers, fixtures, and sinks, you have hard water to thank for that. It can also cause clogged plumbing and reduce the lifespan of water-using appliances.

Fortunately, installing a soft water system and using the best water softener salt can help you combat pesky hard water and all its nasty side effects! Let’s take a look at the different types of salt that are available so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your own water softener.

What’s the difference between sodium chloride and potassium chloride?

Types of water softener saltYou are probably most familiar with sodium chloride. Being the most common option, it is also the cheapest. It comes in pellet, block, or crystal form. These are its most common types:

  1. Rock Salt: This type looks like it sounds – it consists of small ‘rocks’ of salt that are high in calcium sulfate. It doesn’t dissolve very well in water and often leaves behind a residue, but its advantage is that it’s easier on your wallet.
  2. Evaporated Salt: This pellet form of salt is the purest form of all, which contributes to its high price tag. However, it leaves little buildup and is more efficient.
  3. Solar Salt: Solar salt is the evaporation of seawater. It is naturally pure but it’s not the most effective option for reducing hard water minerals. Therefore, if you have extremely hard water, another type of water softener salt will typically perform better.
  4. Block Salt: Literally a solid block of salt, this option is very rarely recommended. If you do choose this type of water softener salt, the block must be fully submerged under water in the resin tank.

Potassium chloride is a salt alternative for your water softener. While it softens water just as well as sodium chloride, it is more expensive and not as readily available. For this reason, many people choose sodium chloride as their preferred water softener salt. However, potassium chloride is generally considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Water softener salt brands

Below are some common water softener salt brands and options that you can choose from. Before making a purchase, however, remember to always check with your water softener company. You can also do research on your own machine and what it is supposed to have for its salt.

  • Morton Clean & Protect
  • Morton Clean & Protect Rust Defense 
  • Morton Pure and Natural 
  • Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals
  • Diamond Crystal Bright & Soft
  • Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets
  • Nature’s Own Potassium Solution

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