What Is All This Talk About Deionized Water?

Dec 6, 2016

Drinking waterlab-217041_1280 has been in the news a lot these days, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. But water quality is pretty important and it is finally beginning to get some of the recognition it deserves. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may be hearing about deionized water and what benefits it can bring to your business. Deionized water is a fairly new concept to many, however our products are some of the best on the market and could be just what your business needs to step up its game. The big question is, do you know what deionized water is and what benefits it can provide?

If you answered no, you aren’t alone. Our customers often ask us about deionized water and want to know more about it; if it is such a positive thing, why don’t we hear more about it? In simplistic terms, deionized water is water that has had its ions removed. Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules found in water that have either a net negative or positive charge. For many applications that use water as a rinse or ingredient, these ions are considered impurities and must be removed from the water, and there are a significant number of ions in typical water.

Deionized water is one of the purest waters you can find and is often used in microelectronics, printed circuit boards, instrument manufacture, pharmacy, washing liquids, and more. For example, it can be particularly good for food processing, drycleaners, medical clinics, medical laboratories, dental labs, power plants and so many more. In order to obtain the high quality pure deionized water, a multi-stage water purification process can be used. We have many DI products that can help your business to purify water so that excess ions don’t get in the way of your processes. Our DI water experts can answer any questions or concerns that you may have and we can custom design your system to meet your water quality and flow requirements needs. To learn more about how you could benefit from uninterrupted flow of ultra-pure water, contact us today. We’d love to help!


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