Water Softener Saves You Money

Jun 27, 2016

Between high utility bills and buying extra soaps and detergents just to do their job, hard water costs a lot, both in the short-term and the long-term. Anyone who lives with hard water and doesn’t enjoy the many benefits of a water softener will tell you that hard water makes life that much harder. Though not harmful to your health, daily chores take longer, water appliances wear out quicker and many costs increase. Who doesn’t like to save money anyways, right? It’s true, you can reduce your spending by investing in a water system like a home water softener.

When it comes to soaps, softened water requires over 50% less detergent to do the same amount of laundry. Detergents do not mix well with hard water due to the minerals, so by utilizing softened water, you’ll find yourself purchasing detergent less often and using less – all while enjoying cleaner results. The same goes for fabric softener. Your clothes will look and feel better and you won’t even have to use as much detergent!

You can also enjoy a longer lifespan of your appliances which use water. Hard water minerals can build up inside pipes or the appliances and cause clogs. You spend extra money repairing or replacing the appliances when softened water could prevent this altogether. Additionally, when this mineral scale builds up inside of pipes, it can restrict water flow into appliances and also impede water heating. You end up spending a lot more energy to your water which translates to spending more money on energy bills. Your energy bill isn’t the only one that may decrease; water heating bills also tend to be lower with efficient appliances and pipes. Your water won’t need to be heated so high to remove stains or effectively clean your dishes and showers.

Avoiding this scale and getting right to the source of the issue, you can save your appliances and save more money.  You’ll also be making an investment for your home, thus adding value. A water softener will save you money while you use it, but it will increase your home’s value since potential homebuyers want to enjoy softened water and avoid dealing with hard water stains on sinks, showers and dishware. If you’re interested in saving money and improving the quality and efficiency of your water-using appliances, our water treatment systems are right for you. We offer different sizes and models to meet the needs of any household. Save with softened water!

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