Water Softener Maintenance FAQs 

Dec 1, 2021

Making the decision to purchase and install a water softener is a smart one. After all, why put up with the negative effects of hard water on a daily basis when a soft water system can get rid of them for good?


What happens after the installation of your system, though? Can you just leave it, let it do its job, and forget about it? Not so fast! Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about water softener maintenance and care.


Is water softener maintenance essential?


The answer to this question is ‘it depends’. Do you want to replace your water softener every few years? Or, do you want to pay for expensive repairs when it malfunctions? If so, then no, water softener maintenance isn’t that critical.


But, if you’re like most people, you DO want to get the most out of your investment. You DO want to get rid of hard water for good, and you DON’T want to keep buying a new soft water system. If this describes you, routine water softener maintenance is a MUST!


Think of it like maintaining your vehicle … A little TLC at regular intervals can help your water softener continue to function as intended AND last for many years to come.


How often should I get my water softener serviced?


At RWI Water Systems, we recommend water softener maintenance at least once a year. It’s important to schedule service even if you haven’t noticed any abnormalities with how your soft water system functions.


Remember how a yearly physical with your primary care physician can help you to catch and/or prevent health problems? The same is true with your water softener. Even if you don’t think there are any issues currently, regular water softener maintenance can help prevent problems by keeping the system clean. And, if there are some small issues, like a broken screen or clogged filter, they can be found and fixed before bigger problems are created.


Water Softener Maintenance 


What is usually included with water softener maintenance?


Now that the importance of water softener maintenance is understood, let’s take a look at what you can expect if you call your local water treatment company for service. Although service does vary between regions and companies, these are the most common water softener maintenance tasks:


  • Water testing – This will give definitive proof about whether the system is truly softening water as it should.
  • Visual inspection – The technician will check the entire system for signs of wear and tear.
  • Parts replacement – If pistons, screens, seals, or other important parts are worn out or starting to fail, they will be replaced.
  • Check water flow and regeneration schedule – This will ensure that the proper amount of water is flowing through the system and the softener is regenerating at the appropriate time.
  • Filter change – Filters will be checked and replaced as needed.
  • Clean and refill – The brine tank will be cleaned and then refilled with the best water softener salt for that specific make and model.


How long will my water softener last?


Just like any other appliance, water softeners are not meant to last forever. A top quality system can last 10-15 years, but only if it’s regularly maintained. Just like your own lifespan depends on lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, the lifespan of your water softener depends on how well you take care of it.


When is it time to get a new water softener?


If you’ve already been enjoying all the benefits of soft water, you will certainly want to continue to do so for many years to come. But, your endless supply of soft water ultimately depends on the functioning of your water softener. If you notice any of the signs below, it may simply be time for water softener maintenance, OR it could be time for a new water softener altogether:


  • Reappearance of hard water spots on dishes and fixtures
  • Reduced water flow or pressure (mineral buildup from hard water can restrict water flow through your plumbing fixtures)
  • Your water tastes different (hard water can leave a metallic taste)
  • You have to use more salt in your softener than you used to
  • Your water feels different and/or soaps don’t lather as well


The best way to know for sure whether repair or replacement is needed is to get help from a water treatment professional. There’s no sense in wasting money repairing an old system that’s failing. On the other hand, why spend extra money on replacement if simple maintenance or repairs are all that’s required?


Is there a maintenance-free soft water solution?


Young or old, this is a common question we hear from our customers. Even if you aren’t doing the maintenance yourself, it can be troublesome to keep track of which appliance needs servicing and when.


Fortunately, there IS a soft water solution that’s simple, cost-effective, AND maintenance-free … It’s our Portable Exchange Tank Soft Water Service.


Here’s how it works: Soft water is delivered right to your door by our water treatment technicians on a predetermined schedule that’s based on your household’s specific needs and water usage. There’s no electricity, no salt, and no drain needed. Plus, installation and maintenance are handled by us!


RWI Water Systems delivery truck


Water softener maintenance and sales from your North County water treatment experts


At RWI Water Systems, we understand how important top-quality water is to you, your household, and your business. That’s why we offer a variety of residential and commercial water treatment products that are perfect solutions for your drinking water or hard water problems.


Whether you need help finding the best water softener or you’re looking for professional and affordable water softener maintenance in North County, our expert technicians are up for the job! Simply contact us today and our team can answer your questions and set you up with the best water available.

Ready to talk to one of our experts about improving YOUR water?

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