Water Monitoring Increases Personal Responsibility

Sep 30, 2013

September 18 was World Water Monitoring Day which is celebrated to increase international public awareness and build education and involvement in protecting water resources around the world. In doing so, the organization attempts to engage all citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local water bodies and also their own drinking water – whether the water comes from a well or the tap. By testing the water around you, you can ensure safer delivery of drinking water whether yours come from the tap or a well. Water is a limited resource which needs to be utilized and treated with care and respect. By knowing what is in our water and using a drinking water system  to reduce waste while still removing contaminants, we can improve the quality of drinking water in our own household and maybe promote the use of reverse osmosis  in households of those we know. Home drinking water systems are a great tool in ensuring safety and making a personal investment in this precious resource.

Unfortunately, drinking water contamination can occur in both tap water and well water supplies. The government regulates public drinking water systems, requiring frequent testing and setting safe levels for many contaminants. Drinking water is expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. As long as those contaminants are at levels no higher than EPA standards, the water is considered safe to drink. Well owners, on the other hand, have even more responsibility because they must test and monitor their own water for contaminants. The best part about one of our drinking water filters is the peace of mind and security that the filtration process can bring. Testing and monitoring are still important but are backed up by a system which is leading the water industry in efficiency and effectiveness. Water protection and pollution are big topics these days.

Protection and monitoring don’t have to be that different when you invest in a home drinking water system. Our reverse osmosis systems purify drinking water so that even if you do not know what is in your water, you can rest assured that it will be effectively removed because our drinking water systems come with the most advanced water technology and user-friendly features to make the water purification process as simple and efficient as ever. This World Water Monitoring Day, contact us to find out which drinking water system would be right for your household needs and play a bigger, more important part

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