Water Filter Comparisons

Feb 21, 2012

It’s almost impossible to remove 100% of every possible type of contamination from city water, but by using a home water filtration system you can greatly improve upon the quality of the water you consume.  Research is always important before purchasing a product that is as important to the health and wellness of your family as a  water filter is. And while you may think that heading to one of the big stores to get a water filter is the best (cheapest) thing you can do, there may be a better option out there. The key is looking for a water treatment company that has personalized products built based on your needs after they actually test your water. By looking at your contaminants, they can choose certain types of resins. Once they test your water, they can build the water filter itself, more efficiently eliminating chemicals, waste products, minerals, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants.

Now there are many types of water filters, but reverse osmosis has been one of the most popular drinking water systems and is still a major option for many homeowners. According to one informational site, “It starts with a membrane that only allows pure water or solvent to flow through it. It forces the water or solvent to pass through the membrane from high solute content region to low solute content region. […] a reverse osmosis system is good for eliminating a wide range of contaminants such as chemicals, heavy metals like lead and heavy salt contents. The complete system strips out lead, copper, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine, Guardia, pesticides, salt, tri-halo-methanes, sulfates, cysts, and nitrates. It uses three tiered filter mechanism that filters out even small bacteria and viruses. It filters out smaller microbes as well that keeps your drinking water very safe.” Be sure to look for an eco-friendly water filtering system that reduces water waste. These do a good job and are even good for the environment.

We all love personalized service, but when it comes to creating something which will give us the safest drinking water, beyond just a store bought water filter, it is worth looking into. With all of the contaminants, minerals, and chemicals we can find in our drinking water, water filters are the best and most eco-friendly choice for homeowners. But with this purchase also comes the notion that it will actually work. Many of the water filters being sold are relatively ineffective, and overpriced. Don’t chance the store bought water filters that aren’t made just for you. Find one that is.

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