Simple Reverse Osmosis Maintenance Tips

Apr 13, 2017

Most homeowners purchase a reverse osmosis system (RO) in order to have access to safe, great tasting drinking water for their home or office. If you’re not sure if you need a water filtration system, contact your local water supplier, and ask them to test your water.

If you find that you need to purchase a water filtration system make sure you read the owner’s manual and perform all the required maintenance for your particular system. It’s so important to take care of your RO water filtration system in order for it to continue to perform properly.

The first thing to consider is replacing water filters. The pre-filter cartridge is the best place to begin. This is the first stage in filtering out dirt, silt, sand, and other sediments. This is important to keep the unit from becoming clogged. This cartridge should be changed every 6 to 9 months.

The next piece to look at is the carbon filter. This is the filter that removes chlorine from the water. It is also responsible for removing any bad tastes or bad smells from drinking water. The carbon filter should be replaced every 6 to 9 months also, depending on your unit’s requirements.

The last thing to maintain is the membrane. This is where any remaining contaminants are piped down the drain. A RO membrane should last between 2-3 years. It’s important to remember that the filters and membrane lifespan depends on the water conditions in your home and the household usage.

Maintenance on most units is fairly simple, however, forgetting to change the filters can cause the system to not work properly, or even fail to produce any water at all. Of course, our water technicians are available to not only install a reverse osmosis system, but they can also perform any required maintenance on your unit. Just contact our office to set up an appointment.

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