Perchlorate, perhaps?

Jan 26, 2015

Without a home water filter, it can be really hard to determine if your drinking water contains contaminants. Although municipal water systems are regularly tested, this is not always fail-proof, and private wells are left to their own monitoring and treatment. Many contaminants are not regulated and some that are can still get into our drinking water due to a number of reasons beyond our control. What is within our control is protecting our home with a drinking water system. Reverse osmosis and other water filters  can give you added protection before you consume something you didn’t have in mind. Furthermore, there are several contaminants that have little or no smell, color or taste, making them difficult to identify during consumption.

Have you heard of perchlorate in drinking water? Before reading an article by Dr. Joseph Cotruvo of Water Technology, most people probably have not. Perchlorate is defined as a naturally occurring and man-made chemical that is used to produce rocket fuel, fireworks, flares and explosives. Perchlorate can also be present in bleach and in some fertilizers.

So what seems to be all the fuss? Other contaminants are also naturally occurring. Well, according to an article  from the Environmental Protection Agency, perchlorate may have adverse health effects because scientific research indicates that this contaminant can disrupt the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones needed for normal growth and development. Research by this agency is still on-going, but due to some of the findings the EPA has decided to regulate perchlorate under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

Besides its potential to cause endocrine system and reproductive problems, perchlorate is considered a “likely human carcinogen” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Some 11 million Americans live in areas where concentrations of perchlorate in public drinking water supplies are significantly higher than what is considered safe. This may be the perfect excuse to consider one of our drinking water systems. Our water filters and water purifiers provide safer water than you could imagine. Using RWI Water Systems, up to 90% less water is wasted and there are three unique features that have never been offered in a drinking water system. To learn more about these amazing features and why you need a home drinking water filter, click here

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