New California Water Warning

Nov 26, 2010

It was recently in the headlines. Perchlorate. This naturally occurring and manmade contaminant has been increasingly found in groundwater, surface water and soil. Most perchlorate manufactured in the U.S. is used as an ingredient in solid fuel for rockets and missiles. It was found in higher quantities than is recommended by federal regulations. The tests recently shut down several area hotels and restaurants, stating that they could not serve water or anything using water. Residents were told they could shower and utilize the water except for consuming it in any form. What is the danger if this substance is consumed in large quantities? According to many drinking water sites, the chemical can have an effect on the thyroid functions of humans. This alone is dangerous enough to cause concern. Another report states that it is “present in many public drinking-water supplies, says daily ingestion of up to 0.0007 milligrams per kilogram of body weight can occur without adversely affecting the health of even the most sensitive populations. That amount is more than 20 times the “reference dose” proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a recent draft risk assessment.”

How can you ensure that you can remove perchlorate from your family’s drinking water without worrying about these regulations and possible dangers? Locate a nearby water treatment company and gather more information about their home water treatment systems. According to the EPA, perchlorate can be removed by reverse osmosis technology which has been certified by NSF International to remove perchlorate from levels as high as 130 µg/L to 4 µg/L or less in drinking water. However, before installing a home treatment unit, they recommend that you do your research to determine if the unit you choose can remove perchlorate from your water supply. Don’t wait for the effects to show up. Protect your home by purchasing an affordable home reverse osmosis system or water purifying water cooler.

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