Extending the Life of a Water Heater

Jul 28, 2016

Appliances in your home don’t come cheap and with the quantity that you’re responsible for as a homeowner, you want them to last. Part of helping your appliances, especially those that utilize your home’s water, means paying attention to the quality and hardness of your water. Homes with hard water that don’t have a water softener may see more issues with their water appliances, especially operating costs of a water heater.

Homes across the country have hard water and many people are paying more to operate their household appliances due to increased energy costs, excess repairs or replacements or more detergents or soaps to work with hard water. A water softener can have a positive impact on your energy costs and your wallet – especially when it comes to your energy bills and your water heater.  

Whether you have a gas heater or an electric heater, both types will work better and require less energy when you have softened water. In a gas water heater, limescale from hard minerals will settle to the bottom of the tank and create a layer in which heat must pass through to heat the water. As this layer grows thicker over time, it reduces the efficiency of the water heater and increases the costs through longer heating cycles and reducing the water heater’s ability to heat the water at all. Likewise, with an electric water heater, limescale from hard minerals is known to build up on the heating elements themselves, as well as settling on the bottom of the tank. Again, the result is reduced efficiency, higher costs of operation, reduced capacity to function and even breakages.

Although some people will try to drain and clean the water heater, the best line of defense is putting in place an efficient and effective water softener in your home to remove the hard minerals which cause the buildup. Whether you want the benefits of a home water softener or to lower your utility bills, give us a call to learn more about our water treatment systems. A high-efficiency water heater, or any type for that matter, will do little good if it is not in the right environment. We want to help you get the most from your water heater, extend its life and capacity to do its job, while saving you more money on your energy bills. Sounds promising right? We thought so, too. Give us a call and start saving today!


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