Enjoy Soft Water at Home

Oct 30, 2012

Have you ever been away from home on a business trip or personal vacation and noticed that your hair or skin felt differently?  Or, did you notice that it took a lot less shampoo to lather up your hair and it actually felt clean afterward?  If so, chances are you have hard water at home and you were experiencing the results of soft water during your travels.

Hard water is really just water that contains excess minerals, most often calcium and magnesium.  This is caused by water coming into contact with rocks and soil.  Unfortunately for home owners, the excess minerals that are carried through the water into the home can result in devastating effects.  Among others, these include mineral buildup in pipes, calcium scale on shower walls and other bathroom surfaces, increased detergent and soap usage, and reduced longevity and efficiency of water-using appliances.

If you are washing your hair in hard water, the shampoo is unable to fully dissolve in the water due to the excess minerals present.  This means that it is less effective at cleaning and you also use more of it to attempt to achieve the desired effect.  When the shampoo has been rinsed from the hair, it leaves behind a soap scum that leaves your hair looking dull and brittle.  Washing in soft water, however, has the opposite effect and requires less shampoo to be effective, saving you money and giving you hair that looks and feels like you want it to.

The easiest solution to your hard water at home is to install a water softener system from a reputable water treatment company.  Companies such as RWI Water Systems in Escondido, CA provide full service installation by professional technicians and they also service what they sell, so you never have to figure out repairs and maintenance on your own.  Many affordable options are available, such as leasing or buying your own system, as well as exchange tank service which is the easiest and simplest of all.

If you use an old water softener system in your home, consider replacing it with a more eco-friendly, metered soft water system such as the ones we offer.

It has never been easier to enjoy soft water at home!

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