Chemical Disinfectants Infecting Drinking Water

Jul 10, 2012

At first glance, you may be thankful for the chemicals that disinfect your drinking water from the tap. But as a recent article from Blisstree explains, this author rethought his original opinions and looked deeper into a serious matter that any consumer should be thinking about if they are drinking water from the tap. The article discusses a recent Italian study which examined the tap water and the effects of the products used to disinfect it.

The study states that “chemical disinfectants can create byproducts when they are added to drinking water. They form when the disinfectants interact with organic matter in the water. For example, trihalomethanes (THMs) are a byproduct of chlorine – the world’s classic water disinfectant. THMs are linked to cancer and birth defects. The total amount of THMs in tap water is regulated in the United States, Europe and other countries with treated water systems.” But as the author brings up, the world is aiming for safer drinking water with alternatives to chlorine, like we use here in the United States, and more and more research will have to be done about the possible side effects.

If new alternatives are studied, it would most likely be where they are already being used. This alone made the author “wonder if my local water company has to tell me when they experiment with chlorine substitutes.” For many people, this can be a scary thought because the dangers could be unknown. Is that something you are willing to risk in the future? Would you and your family continue to drink tap water with so many unanswered questions?

There are options out there which could protect you and your family that much more. Whether new alternatives for drinking water treatment go through, or whether you are concerned over the state of your current tap water and the potential by-products, find a water treatment company who can fulfill your needs with a variety of drinking water systems. While some traditional reverse osmosis systems waste a lot of water, we have drinking water systems that will waste up to 90% less water. Our eco-friendly systems are the best defense against the unknown and known by-products from disinfectants. Don’t take healthy tap water for granted like many consumers do. Stand up for your right to safe drinking water with a drinking water filter that provides you with a continuous flow of tap water minus the harmful contaminants. Come see us today, so you have safer drinking water tomorrow! To read more from this article, click here.

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