Celebrate Baby Safety Month with Filtered Tap Water

Sep 23, 2013

When we bring a baby into the world, we do so with the responsibility of protecting them and keeping them happy and healthy the best we can. We make informed decisions about what is best for them at all times. We bring them for check-ups, give them food, shelter and love and teach them life’s most important lessons. But what if the water you were using wasn’t the best for them? What if the water you were using to make their formula and bottles could actually harm them? Would you take every precaution to keep them safe and improve the quality of the tap water? Well, our drinking water systems could do that for you. September is Baby Safety Month, the perfect time to consider a water filter to improve the quality of your tap or well water and protect your baby’s health.

Baby Safety Month is also a time to reflect on the best practices as parents and add a little more protection for the little ones in one simple decision. This educational campaign is sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association JPMA and is dedicated to increasing consumer awareness of safety issues surrounding the safe use and selection of juvenile products. This year, JPMA is helping “educate parents and caregivers on the best eco-friendly practices when it comes to raising a healthy family and living green.” This starts with filtered drinking water safe for mixing with formula. Plain tap water can contain harmful contaminants and most bottled water isn’t much safer. One of the biggest threats to their health is nitrates in drinking water. Experts state that the use of nitrate-contaminated drinking water to prepare infant formula is a well-known risk factor for infant methemoglobinemia. “Affected infants develop a peculiar blue-gray skin color and may become irritable or lethargic, depending on the severity of their condition. The condition can progress rapidly to cause coma and death if it is not recognized and treated appropriately,” according to the National Institutes of Health.

Keeping your baby safe is an enormous responsibility but is easy with the help of one of our drinking water systems. With RWI Water Systems, our advanced models will reduce nitrates and nitrites to non-detect levels, leading the field in efficiency and effectiveness. The quality of your drinking water is important for the safety and health of your baby. As with all other decisions you make to keep them happy and healthy, their drinking water is one of the most important things you can improve in doing so.  So this September during Baby Safety Month, whether you have a baby, a grandchild, niece or nephew, ask yourself if your tap water is safe enough for a baby to consumer and what you are willing to do to protect their health. The solution is as simple as a phone call to find out which of our drinking water systems is best for your needs.

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