California and Southwest blanketed by drought

Jul 1, 2014

Residents in the Southwest know what it is like to live under drought conditions – and it is not easy. When you live through a drought, you deal with severe water restrictions, diminishing water supply, uncertainty and fear, and poor water quality in some cases as well as questionable alternatives which have you questioning the safety and quality of your water.

Times are changing for many states in the Southwest. Forecasts in a press release from the USDA National Water and Climate Center NWCC show that Washington, most of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the northern parts of Colorado and Utah are expected to have near normal or above normal water supplies through the rest of the summer, according to the forecasts. However, Oregon and Utah, southwestern Idaho, California, Arizona, New Mexico and western Nevada are expected to have far below normal stream-flows. There are some experts who now admit that 100% of California is under a drought blanket, or in other terms, all of California as being in “severe to exceptional” drought. The state hasn’t been this dry in 14 years, according to USA Today.

California’s water supplies are short, many rivers are low, and forests are dry. After a winter that was light on snow, it means that we all need to do our part to save what little water we can utilize without taking it for granted. Consider a metered water softening system that is efficient and eco-friendly. Our with Portable Exchange Tank Systems can provide soft water and help battle the drought conditions. You can feel good knowing that you’re doing your part in saving this precious resource when we need it most.


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