Brilliant Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

Sep 22, 2017

We know that owning a business these days can be expensive, and while you want to save some money, you also want your business to provide the best to your customers and your employees. It isn’t always easy to find a balance, but our bottleless water coolers provide so many benefits for both your business and the people you work with on a daily basis. From eco-friendly advantages to cost-saving options, you’ll soon see the benefits of investing in your business with a bottleless water cooler The question is simple – how could your business benefit from a bottleless water cooler?

  • Our drinking water systems have the most advanced water technology, Taste and Sediment Filtration or Reverse Osmosis. Our water coolers can be installed with any of these! You’ll get the best of both worlds.
  • You can save space in corners or closets! No more storing those big, unsightly plastic water containers.
  • We can work to design a system that will go perfectly with the demands of your business and your location.
  • You can enjoy hot or cold water.
  • You’ll save 25%-50% over providing bottled water to your employees and customers. In fact, here is an estimate of some savings; Bottled/delivered water = $0.79/gal. Reverse Osmosis purified water = $0.02/gal. By switching to a RO bottleless cooler system, you could save $ 0.77/gal. If you have a small business with 15 employees you will probably use around 7 gallons per day, 1,825 gallons per year, you can save $1,405 per year!
  • You pay an affordable monthly cost. Bottleless water coolers can be affordable!
  • Reducing plastic water bottles is good for the environment!
  • Everyone will have access to great-tasting water! Purifying your water will reduce harmful contaminants or poor-tasting contaminants that no one wants to drink. Plus, the more water your employees drink during the day, the more productive they’re likely to be! Dehydration symptoms include fatigue and moodiness. Focus on a friendlier, more productive workplace by providing high-quality drinking water.

Intrigued? Good – we thought you might be! Our water filtration specialists can help you find the best bottleless water cooler for your office and you’ll start to enjoy the many benefits right away!

Ready to talk to one of our experts about improving YOUR water?

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