A once grim outlook on California water supply slowly looking more positive

Dec 30, 2011

A recent press release from the San Diego County Water Authority shows that a once very grim future for the water resources in California are now looking better thanks to a combination of Mother Nature and the responsible use of water from residents. From following water restrictions to the use of advanced water technology drinking water systems which limit water waste, the area now finds itself in one of the best situations as of recent years. “Mother Nature and continuing wise water use by our residents, businesses and agricultural customers has helped lead to our best water supply situation in several years,” said Water Authority Board Chair Michael T. Hogan. “I commend our water customers for continuing to use water wisely, even after shortage-related mandatory water use restrictions were lifted this spring. However, it will be important for all of us to continue to use water wisely as a part of everyday life. We are still at the end of a long water supply pipeline, and a return to dry conditions or ongoing regulatory challenges in the Bay-Delta can threaten our supplies again.”

The Water Authority Board of Directors received a report on water supply and demand conditions at its monthly meeting. Staff attributed the improved supply conditions to several factors. Between a wet winter and responsible residents following the regulations and limitations, the water supply outlook for 2012 is looking much better than it did last year. “Regional water use has remained well below pre-drought levels in 2011, enabling water agencies to better manage available supplies.”

To continue this positive trend, residents must ban together and continue to utilize the options like environmentally-friendly and responsible drinking water systems to waste less water, use less water, and provide safe drinking water to the family. The forecast is great as of late and Californians can continue this trend with a drinking water system in 2012 too!

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