4 Ways to Hydrate if You Hate Drinking Water

Nov 3, 2021

 “Drink more water!”


How many times have you heard or read that statement?! Probably more often than you can count. While there are plenty of health reasons to make water your favorite beverage, how do you stay hydrated if you hate plain water? Should you choose sugary alternatives like soda or sweetened tea instead?


No! We have drinking water solutions that can help but first, let’s take a look at the underlying problem.


WHY Do You Hate Drinking Water?


The most common reason that people hate plain water is simply because it doesn’t taste good. That is, if it’s not quality drinking water.


A variety of contaminants can make their way into your drinking water and affect its taste, even if they aren’t harmful to your health. Some of the most common culprits include chlorine, sulfur, tannins, and minerals found in hard water.


The simplest way to make sure you have access to safe, great tasting water on a daily basis is to install a drinking water system at home. One of the most popular options is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system which filters water right at the tap. In addition to providing an endless supply of quality drinking water, RO systems can save you the time, money, and hassle of buying bottled drinking water that isn’t as good for you or the environment. Plus, your other beverages, like tea and coffee, will taste better, too!


Flavor Bursts to Quench Your Thirst


Even if you do opt for a home drinking water system, there may still be times when you want to change things up a little and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here are some healthy additives you can use to infuse your water with an extra burst of flavor:


  • Lemon and Lime Slices: Perhaps you’ve had your water this way at restaurants, but how about trying it at home? Simply cut up a whole lemon and lime, place them in a gallon jug filled with water, and let it sit in your refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Then, pour and enjoy!


  • Mint and Blackberry: These two make a stunning combination and a refreshing, fruity flavor. Similar to the citrus method above, simply put a handful of berries and mint (more or less depending on your desired taste) into a large jug of water and let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours. The water will be infused with a delightful flavor!


  • Lime and Raspberry: Haven’t thought of this combination before? Not many people have, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t forget it! Follow the same instructions as above but use one sliced lime and a handful of raspberries.


  • Strawberry and Basil: Now THIS one will remind you of summer all year round. Use a quart of sliced strawberries and basil to taste, combined with water in the same manner as above.


Don’t Hate Plain Water – LOVE It Instead!


If you hate plain water, your fruit-infused water will taste delicious and help you stay hydrated. But, having to constantly cut up fruit and remember to prepare it far enough in advance can be a cumbersome task. Why not make SURE you always have access to great tasting water by choosing a home drinking water system?


At RWI Water Systems, we have the water treatment products and services to meet your household’s needs. Whether you hate plain water and want great tasting water instead, or you need a water softening system to remove excess minerals, we can help! Simply contact us today to find your perfect water solution.

Ready to talk to one of our experts about improving YOUR water?

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