4 Common Water Problems and Easy Solutions

Mar 19, 2021

You know that water is critical for survival. But, did you realize that the water from your faucet may be impacting the health of your family and home? Let’s take a look at the common water problems that affect households and offer a couple of solutions.

Beware of These Water Problems

  • Hard Water – Having hard water simply means that your water supply has an excessive amount of minerals in it. Hard water is a common problem in our area. It can cause mineral buildup in your pipes which then causes damage to appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater. And, the buildup can reduce water flow throughout your home.
  • Staining – Have you noticed stains in your sinks and other water fixtures and appliances? They are a nuisance to constantly clean and could be a sign of problems impacting your plumbing and appliances. Red or orange stains are caused by high contents of iron. White stains indicate limescale caused from hard water.  Brown stains are usually caused by high levels of manganese. Lastly, blue-green stains are likely caused by acidic water.
  • Toxins – The EPA reported that over 84,000 known contaminants may be present in the water of U.S. homes. Even if water is filtered by a water treatment plant, many microscopic contaminants are not able to be filtered out. This could include chlorine, petroleum products, pesticides, and more!
  • Bad Taste – Some common reasons that we may notice bad tasting water is from sulfur, chlorine, metals, and organic tannins. Tannins are an organic matter more common in well water.  A metallic taste is typically a sign of iron in your water. Chlorine is used to treat city water and can affect the taste. Sulfur is very common in private wells and has a rotten egg taste.

Simple Water Treatment Solutions

Lucky for you, RWI Water Systems has you covered when it comes to solutions to your water problems. Here’s how we can help …

  • Soft Water – RWI Water Systems offers an array of water conditioners and water softeners to best fit your home and your needs. Did you know a water softener can actually save you money? Some benefits of soft water include a longer life for your plumbing and appliances, cleaner dishes, softer skin and hair, cleaner clothing and no stains or water damage on your fixtures and appliances.
  • Drinking Water – RWI Water Systems also offers premium reverse osmosis water systems that provide clean, healthy, great-tasting water. These systems are perfect for your home or office and offer the convenience and luxury of a continuous supply of clean water at a reasonable cost. No more worrying about toxins in your water or bad taste!

If you notice any of these common water problems feel free to give us a call! RWI Water Systems Water of North County provides water treatment options that are convenient, economical, and beneficial to the environment. Contact RWI Water Systems Water today to learn about all your options for quality water.

Ready to talk to one of our experts about improving YOUR water?

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