What is Soft Water?

What is soft water, and why do I need it in my home and at my business?

Soft water is essentially water that is nearly free of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The water is treated so that the only ion that remains is sodium.

Water naturally is soft, but as water makes its way through the ground it can pick up minerals, such as chalk, lime and primarily calcium and magnesium.

Having these additional minerals in our water can negatively affect common daily activities, such as bathing, washing dishes or clothes, and is tougher on our plumbing and appliances because it leaves residue behind. Clothing is often less bright and can look worn more quickly in a home that has hard water; dishes and other glass surfaces such as windows or shower doors, can have spots that are difficult to remove, especially over time.

The white residue that can be found around your faucets is a common example of a side effect of hard water build up in your home or place of business. Cleaning off that residue is not only difficult, it’s time consuming.

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