Water Bill On The Rise?

Dec 6, 2011

Escondido residents, did you know that you soon might have to stretch your budget a little farther? Just last week, the San Diego SignOn reported that the Escondido City Council is considering a 12% water rate increase in December.

This increase is planned to cover capital improvement projects including replacing aging pipes and building a new Lake Wohlford Dam, operating costs such as increased water and chemical costs, and covering the city’s bond-debt ratio. This follows a 7% increase just last January.

While all of expenditures might be necessary, you might find yourself trying to use a little less water. As you look through your home, where do you see the biggest water waste? Where can you do a little water conservation project of your own? Some of the more obvious water users, of course, include lawn and garden irrigation, long showers, old toilets, and frequent loads of laundry. What you might not know, however, is that some typical household fixtures and plumbing are naturally water wasters.

Take, for example, a typical reverse osmosis drinking water system. Did you know that this water filter can waste more than 92% of its feed water under normal household conditions? This is primarily due to the pressure that is required to force the water through the RO’s membrane filter. Fortunately, there is new technology – the RWI Water Systems Drinking Water System – that uses literally a fraction of the water than an RO does, all while delivering healthy, great tasting drinking water. This system, over the period of a year can easily save 4,000 if you consumed only one gallon of drinking water a day.

Conserving water – it’s not just for the environment, it’s for your pocket book too! To learn more about this water treatment option, click here. To learn more about the water rate hike, click here.

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