The Pain of Hard Water Stains

Dec 30, 2015

If you, like many other people around the country, are living with hard water and do not currently enjoy the many benefits of one of our water softeners, then you know all about water stains and hard water spots left on your dishes and glassware. From drinking glasses to shower glass, hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium leave behind scale and deposits which are visible to the human eye (a.k.a embarrassing for the homeowner) and can be a real pain in the neck to remove. Not only do these spots require more time and energy to remove, that which you clean them with costs money.

Most experts recommend removing hard water spots from glassware via a couple of ways. There is the vinegar option or there are also products on the market which work well, too. These white, hazy-looking spots on glass require something tough enough to clean. White vinegar contains acetic acid and is a great place to start for cleaning these annoying stains.  If you’re dealing with older stains or large areas of heavy hard water build-up, you will need more than just elbow grease. Baking soda is a very effective non-liquid home remedy that’s all-natural. Toothpaste or other hard water cleaning paste products on the market have also been reviewed to be effective. Unless you’d like to work extra hard… then there is also the “elbow-grease” non-liquid way. Using magic erasers or non-scratching sponges, you can scrub hard with a moistened sponge as much as you can over and over again. Sounds like something enjoyable, right?

Preventing hard water spots is another option. Hard water affects more than just glassware. Over time, these mineral build-ups can damage sinks, toilets, and tubs and make soap scum harder to remove. Installing a home water softener is a great way to remove hard water minerals and eliminate the need to clean your glassware with products or methods like those mentioned above. There are many benefits to a home water softener and our professionals are ready to tell you all about them. From expanding the life of your water-using appliances and minimizing scale buildup in your pipes to better looking and feeling skin and hair, you will instantly see what softened watercan do for your family from the first time you try it out. Living with hard water isn’t easy – what are you waiting for?



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