The Drying of The Southwest

Dec 7, 2010

We recently came across an interesting paper, “Population, Immigration, and the Drying of the American Southwest” that caught our eye, since we are water people after all. Here in the southwest, we hear a lot about immigration and its social, political, and economic effects, but water – that’s an effect many of us never connected. The southwest region of the United States is the fastest growing region, with immigration – both legal and illegal – being responsible for more than half of that population growth. And, in this past decade, immigration accounts for nearly all of the population growth in California. It’s interesting, and catastrophic, that this fastest growing population is coming to a region that is notoriously short of water.

This paper presents evidence that indicates there is insufficient water for the region’s current population, much less the increasing future populations that will result if immigration continues at this present rate. The 1920s legal allocation of the Colorado River, the Southwest’s primary water source, was based on flawed river-flow data, incorrect weather pattern information, and the unknown population expansion. That one river is depended upon by six states – that’s roughly 60 million people, a number that could easily double in just 40 years if population growth continues.

As a water-dependent people, there are two issues we must consider. First, alternative water sources must be found. Likely, this will mean recycling or desalinating water, which to many of us means that we want a water treatment system in our home and business to ensure that our drinking water is clean and healthy. This can be accomplished by a number of methods – drinking water filtration systems, reverse osmosis, or water cooler. Second, we must find ways to conserve the water we have. This is as far reaching as the way we water our landscape, all the way up to how we filter the water we drink. When considering what type of water filtration device you will choose, we recommend a system containing RWI Water Systems technology. This new technological advance delivers clean, healthy water with a 90% water savings over reverse osmosis. Water – it’s a good thing, let’s make the most of it!

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