Teflon Chemicals Found in Drinking Water in 27 States

Sep 28, 2015

water testWhoa – Teflon in drinking water? We have all heard of Teflon before, a tough synthetic resin used to coat nonstick utensils and to make seals and bearings. It is definitely not something we want to hear about being in our drinking water, but according to a recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found chemicals used in the manufacture of Teflon in the drinking water of 27 American states. You can check to see if your state made the list here. An article by care2.com has all of us concerned about the quality of our drinking water – especially those homes without a drinking water system. After learning more about this study, you may want to consider one of our water filters or other drinking water system as a line of defense against situations such as these. The quality of your drinking water cannot be taken for granted.

The report made the news because the findings are pretty significant. It was found that 94 public water systems contain a toxic chemical known as PFOA short for perfluorooctanoic acid. The report indicates that PFOA is a polyfluorinated chemical PFC and is non-stick, waterproof and grease-proof. PFCs are used in clothing, cookware, carpets, furniture, food wrappers and other consumer and industrial products. Still wondering why it is found in drinking water? Well the chemical is introduced into water and the environment as a result of hundreds of manufacturing and industrial processes.

Some sources argue that PFOA is no longer used in the in the manufacturing of Teflon. The EPA also states that consumer products made with Teflon are not PFOA, but then the regulators also indicate on their website that some of them do contain PFOA. Mixed messages from such sources should also have you thinking about what is in your drinking water and what is truly regulated.

Are there any health concerns? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA, PFOA is known to cause developmental and other adverse effects in humans. The EWG indicates that PFOA are linked to cancer, birth defects, and heart disease. Scary stuff! A drinking water filter like an RO system can remove harmful contaminants just like these chemicals from your tap water. We may not be able to control industrial mishaps or irresponsible practices, but we can control some of what flows from our tap.

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