Soft Water Equals Healthy Skin

Jan 8, 2014

Ladies, and yes even gentlemen, picture this; a deep tub, filled with steaming hot water and a cloud of bubbles swaying on the surface just waiting for you to sink in and soak all your cares and troubles away … Mmmm delightful!!  It’s shocking I know that something so wonderful could actually have proven heath benefits, but trust us, it absolutely does.

In these cooler months of January, many of us find ourselves looking more like alligators with our dry rough skin than we do the glowing healthy looking individual we know is hiding beneath the scales.  Biting winds outside coupled with the hot dry air inside tends to just suck the moisture from our skin.  Soaking in a warm bubble bath helps to restore and lock the moisture back into our skin and allowing us to look like ourselves once again.  Following up with a nice rich moisturizer is also very beneficial and will make that soft skin last even longer.

Another compelling reason to take a soak is to beat stress.  Stress can be a huge factor during this time of year and since we all know how harmful stress can be on our bodies we need to do whatever we can to alleviate it.  What better way to relax after a hard, stressful day than a long soak in a tub?  Close your eyes and just let the steam and warm water wash your cares away.  You will emerge calm and relaxed and be able to just melt right into your mattress and fall into a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

A water softener will help you make the most out of your bubble bath.  When you start with softened water, you are already halfway there to softer skin.  Soft water also produces a lot more bubbles than hard water and they won’t dissipate 5 minutes after you sink into your bath either.  When your soak time is over, there will not be the added stress about having to clean up the soap scum left behind as there would be with hard water.  Water softeners practically eliminate soap deposits left behind so you can just drain the tub and walk away.  So no more having to make excuses to spend some time soaking in your bubble bath, just let everyone know that you are taking care of your health and soak away my friends.

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