No Pain No Gain! Why Bodybuilders Need to Drink More Water

Dec 22, 2022

Have you ever been told that bodybuilders should drink more water? It’s good advice, but what does it actually mean? WHY should bodybuilders drink more water and what are the benefits that water provides? Today, we’re going to answer these questions and more.


Clean drinking water is not just a human right, but a physical need. Water is needed to survive. But even more, clean water is needed to thrive. Growth doesn’t happen without proper hydration, and that’s true for your body, too! Water is necessary for every metabolic process in your body, including the synthesis of protein. If you’ve been working out with high-intensity exercises, one of the easiest ways to progress is to drink more water.


The concept is simple, but hydration as a growth solution is often overlooked. We rely instead on overcomplicated or trendy hacks to guarantee progress in our training. But without water, there is no progress. Our bodies need water to synthesize protein and grow muscle. And when we can make the process of protein synthesis easier on our body, we teach our body to build muscle more effectively. 


If bodybuilders really want to highlight their progress, they need to drink more water and learn how to incorporate it into their daily diets.

6 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Should Drink More Water

1. Water flushes out toxins.

We know that drinking water works to flush toxins and metabolic waste from our bodies, but that toxic flush is even more crucial for bodybuilders. For those following a high protein diet, more water will be needed to flush the extra nitrogen, urea, and ketones from the body. And for those eating a high calorie diet, more water will be needed for proper kidney function. 


2. Caffeine and fluid loss can result in water weight.

If you’re a bodybuilder, you’re likely on a regimented diet and may not drink coffee or alcohol. But if you’re doing any amount of strength training and relying on caffeine, you’re probably not drinking enough water. You may be getting plenty of fluids, but the caffeine in drinks like coffee and soda can actually increase fluid loss through diuresis. As a reaction to this process, your body may begin storing water. Bodybuilders, or anyone cutting, should drink more water to avoid fluid loss and the resulting water retention.


3. Bodybuilders should drink more water to metabolize stored fat.

It’s especially important for bodybuilders to make sure they’re drinking enough water because water works to metabolize stored fat. We know that water is crucial for kidney function. And when our bodies are dehydrated, our kidneys are unable to function. The liver, which turns fat into energy, must then take on the kidneys’ job and it becomes less effective at burning fat. When we put in time at the gym, we have to remember just how hard our bodies are working for us–inside and out. Make your strength training session count by drinking more of the best tasting drinking water. 


4. Drinking water encourages digestion.

Bodybuilders need to drink more water than the average person because they are eating and digesting more food than the average person. This means that their bodies– and bodily processes– are working hard to translate the extra calories into muscle growth. Water acts as the lubricant to these processes and encourages digestion. When our bodies become dehydrated, we are unable to digest food efficiently. Bodybuilders need to drink water to stay regular and avoid constipation, which can be especially uncomfortable when eating 5,000 calories a day.


5. Water optimizes any supplements. 

Supplements like creatine work by pulling water from muscle cells and cultivating the special anabolic environment needed for muscle growth. But a side effect of creatine is dehydration, so it’s important to drink plenty of water to get the most out of your supplements. Most vitamins are water soluble and are easy to add to your training routine.


Even if you’re not a bodybuilder, hydration is a key component of strength training and muscle growth. After an intense training session, drinking water prevents your muscle cells from shrinking and reduces protein breakdown. Not only does drinking more water help to cushion joints and aid digestion, but staying hydrated is crucial to building muscle and losing fat. And for bodybuilders, quality water can be the key ingredient for success. 


6. Water delivers results.

Adding more water to your diet can make your supplements more effective, encourage digestion during bulking periods, support liver function and help burn fat, help you avoid water weight and fluid retention, and prompt a full-body detox. For growth and progress in your bodybuilding journey, just add water! 


For the best tasting drinking water at home, try reverse osmosis filtration. RO filtration removes rust, lead, chloride, sodium, and other contaminants to deliver safe, natural, bottled water quality drinking water. What we put into our bodies matters– so why would we settle for less when it comes to water?

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