Misleading Advantages of Bottled Water

Jun 13, 2013

Millions of Americans are concerned about their tap water and maybe rightfully so. Although the United States has some of the best drinking water in the world, we often here about residents facing issues with their tap water. From contamination to illness, there are a number of concerns that we still need to address. The bottled water industry solicits consumers into thinking that bottled water is the best alternative to tap water. After all, it is pure, natural, eco-friendly, and healthy, right?

Unfortunately, the bottled water industry may not be telling the whole truth. Bottled water is actually similar to tap water in many ways. Believe it or not, generally the safety standards are similar for both, with the exception of the lead limitations, fluoridation, or added chlorine. In fact, a report commissioned by Switzerland-based World Wildlife Fund International stated that “bottled water may be no safer or healthier than tap water, while selling for up to 1,000 times the price.” It also adds toxic waste to our landfills without the ability to biodegrade. The best alternative may be a drinking water system which effectively reduces harmful contaminants, is eco-friendly, and affordable for all homeowners. Reverse osmosis water filters can save you time and money in the long run. Consider the options and break the bottled water habit.

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