Is a Water Conditioner the Right Choice for You? 

Sep 15, 2017

Hard water is not particularly unhealthy, but it’s capable of causing some costly problems for your home. The costliest issues include scaling, pipe blockage and even pipe leaks. Scaling is the buildup of minerals to form a deposit called lime scale. Hard water, mixed with soap, forms nasty soap scum, which leaves a bathtub ring on your surfaces. Eventually, the scaling in your pipes will allow less water to flow through. Shower heads will dribble instead of spraying and faucets will deliver a weak stream of water. Buildup in your faucets can also lead to faulty shutoff mechanisms and dripping faucets.

The effects of hard water are not limited to your home and plumbing fixtures; it can also affect your quality of life. Hard water requires more soap or detergent and water for showering and laundry. Hard water also leads to mineral deposits in your hair, making it harder to untangle post-shower.

How do you know if a water conditioner is the right choice for your home? Hard water is found throughout the world, and in about 85 percent of the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. But despite the need for water softening where hard water is prevalent, conventional ion exchange water softeners are not always the right answer.

For example, multiple cities in California have now banned self-generating water softeners and increasingly stringent water discharge requirements have caused many to search for no-sodium alternative. A water conditioner is the answer to bring soft, safe drinking water into your home.

When it comes to the questions of water softeners, treatment options come with their own pros and cons. Arguments can be made on either side, but what it truly comes down to is that the decision on how to filter, purify or otherwise treat water is largely personal.

RWI Water Systems is one of only a handful of water treatment dealers who still provide this convenient service. When you are a RWI Water Systems soft water customer you get all the benefits of soft water without purchasing, or having to otherwise maintain a system. RWI Water Systems does all the work. The service is tailored to fit your needs based on usage patterns and the characteristics of the water entering your home. In addition to softening, we can also treat for chlorine, taste and odor.

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