Happy National Water Quality Month!

Jul 31, 2020

August commemorates National Water Quality Month, a time to reflect on the quality of your drinking water. It’s also a great time to consider the steps we need to take to ensure that all tap water is clean and pure.

When was the last time you actually read your city’s municipal water report? Did you pay attention to what could be in your water? Have you ever had to deal with a water advisory in your town? Drinking water contamination is a real thing and for many Americans, it is a real concern. Investing in protection for your home is a good idea no matter where you live.

Our Water

The average person is said to use around 80 gallons of water (or more) each day. We use the water to bathe, clean, for household waste and of course, drinking water. Where we live, the amount of water we consume, the treatment facilities we get water from, local groundwater and environmental issues and so much more can change the quality of our tap water. In some places, we NEED to consider improving drinking water quality even more.

Water is treated before it reaches our homes by municipal plants, but they come with their own set of issues. Some homes have private well water which also could contain harmful contaminants. Did you know that there are several unregulated contaminants in public drinking water?  One report states that one in four Americans are drinking water that is untested or untreated for some serious contaminants, posing threats to their health. Scary stuff!

Take Control of Your Water During National Water Quality Month

The beauty of National Water Quality Month is that it gives us time (and a purpose) to protect our water resources and educate ourselves about the importance of water quality. A frontline protection for your home’s water before it hits your lips could be an investment in a reverse osmosis system (RO). Reverse osmosis effectively and efficiently removes almost all contaminants and we offer a variety of products to fit your household demands and needs. RO systems also happen to be the most cost-effective way to provide a continuous supply of clean water in your home. Our systems allow up to 50 gallons of water per day for your consumption!

It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to improve and maintain the quality of your tap water. Give us a call to learn more about how you can feel great about the water you and your family are drinking!

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