Before You Take a Hot, Steamy Shower…

May 2, 2013

Drinking tap water isn’t the only concern these days. Most consumers are aware that there are many situations where drinking water from the tap is contaminated and can cause serious health issues. But did you realize that contaminated shower water could actually be more harmful than drinking the water itself? From allergic reactions to chemicals and exposure to high levels of chlorine, we urge you to consider one of our water conditioners before you breathe in any more of that steamy shower vapor. Sure, a hot shower sounds nice after a stressful day at work; but something that should be alleviating stress could actually be adding to it. April 29-May 3 is Air Quality Awareness Week and we want you to be aware of all of the products and services that could keep you healthier and safer when it comes to the air you breathe in the shower.

Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals and contaminants that humans are exposed to during bathing and showering. The primary source of chlorine exposure for most people is due to shower water contamination. Shower water contamination in the form of chlorine gas has been proven to be harmful to humans. Studies have shown that it can cause allergies, asthma, or even cancer. The scary part that most people do not know is that chlorine has a lower evaporation point than water. When your shower water is steaming, you are creating chlorine gas. That chlorine gas represents a troublesome form of shower water contamination that one of our water filters can help remove.

Everyone should be concerned about shower water contamination, particularly if they have allergies or sensitivity to chlorine. High exposure to any chemicals regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency can be dangerous to your health. Some experts note that “Chlorinated water contains cancer causing chemicals. Chlorine may be the reason for breast, bowel and bladder cancer. It may also cause malignant melanoma and congenital cardiac anomalies.” This doesn’t mean that you should stop showering immediately or stop using tap water altogether. The best choice is actually quite simple and affordable.  Our home water treatment systems use the most advanced technology which will effectively reduce contaminants, odors, and tastes.  Breathing healthy air when showering means one thing – you have installed a water filter.

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