9 Great Reasons to Get a Home Water Test

Mar 31, 2022

Drinking water quality is a hot topic these days no matter where you live. We have seen the effects that contaminated tap water can have and how water gets contaminated as well. Residents everywhere are more concerned about the quality of the water in their home and they’re thinking about what they can do to make sure their loved ones are provided safe drinking water all the time. Do you feel this way, too?

Most people rely on their municipal water company to test and treat their tap water. However, whether you have municipally supplied water or a private well, it’s highly recommended that you get a home water test. Now, you’re probably wondering WHY?  Well, here are some of the reasons we recommend one of our FREE water tests. You’ll also see why working with a water treatment expert is important to ensure your drinking water is safe and pure and to ensure the drinking water system you choose is effective and efficient.

Why should you get a home water test?

  1. New homes mean new water sources and new environmental factors that could impact your water. Knowing what is in your tap water can help you make informed decisions about what your new living arrangements may need. 
  2. Many of the contaminants in water supplies are tasteless and odorless. An annual or regular home water test can help maintain the integrity and safety of your tap water. Awareness is powerful. 
  3. Over 7 million Americans get sick from water-borne illnesses every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 
  4. Private wells are most at-risk. 23% of private wells tested had at least one contaminant, according to recent U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data. It is your responsibility to know what is in your water.  Another source has that number closer to 50%!
  5. Buildup or stains on faucets or dishes could be signs of hard water. A water softener is a great addition to take care of the issues accompanying hard water. 
  6. Due to common plumbing materials, lead and copper are commonly found in drinking water, especially in older homes. Having exposure to lead and copper may cause health problems as serious as brain damage.
  7. You have heard about local water quality issues. Protect your home yourself with a reverse osmosis drinking water system
  8. You can learn things like the acidity of your water, mineral content, hydrogen sulfide, total dissolved solids, chlorine content, water hardness levels, excess iron and more.
  9. Put your mind at ease. 

How often should you get a water test?

Some water issues are noticeable and will change the taste or smell of your water, though many cannot be detected through taste, smell or sight. We recommend annual water tests or consultations with our water experts. 

This is especially true for private wells. Without EPA oversight and regulations plus water treatment, your well’s water quality is dependent on YOU, and the groundwater around you. It can be challenging to ensure a clean water supply no matter where you live, but we are here for you! Contact us today to schedule a home water test and take the first step toward getting the quality water you deserve.

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