2017: This is the Year of Smart Water Trends

Mar 2, 2017

This past year brought us a LOT of things to be concerned with and plenty to celebrate, too.

Drinking water seemed to be a topic in California and around the world more than ever before. From the effects of the drought, to water contamination in the US and beyond. We heard more about the quality of tap water, the disadvantages and myths about bottled water and the technological advances of keeping our water safer and purer than ever before.

For some of you, you’re probably not that excited – but you should be!

We are on the brink of better tap water and easier ways to filter the water we have at hand.

We’re all concerned about things like water scarcity, water reliability, water security and water conservation. As we fight to improve municipal water treatment facilities and improve the efficiency of town water utilities, we are excited to share some of the smart water trends that we’re likely to see in 2017, according to a recent article from Water World.

Online Customer Engagement

This is a positive change. Letting customers get involved at the water utility level will hopefully lead to more communication and awareness. They believe that this may happen through direct two-way communications from customer meters to the utility, then back to customer web portals and smartphone apps. This allows utilities to deliver high quality service by alerting customers about possible leaks, blockages, pollution, etc. Would you sign up for this type of app?

Smart Irrigation

This is also going to help battle water scarcity and technology will hopefully allow farmers and the irrigation industry to monitor and maintain when and where crops need water through sensors.

Smart Wastewater Management

Here in California, we know not to waste water. Data-driven solutions will allow operators to detect infiltration and inflow, prioritize actions, quickly respond to system failures, and apply predicative modeling.

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

This means more attention to water pollution and water contamination issues, management of potential pollutants and avoiding potential crises. This would at least give many Americans some extra peace of mind, don’t you agree?

Mergers and Acquisitions

Not exactly as exciting as preventing major catastrophes or Smart Phone apps, but this one has to do with deals and partnerships which will get us the best water for the best cost … at least we hope.

An Automated Future

Maybe drones will be collecting water data for us or a wastewater system will pump based on data. Through remote controlled systems, more will be automatic and controllable, with technology really taking over this side of things.

Industry Collaboration

Imagine that all stakeholders will be working together to make things better for all of us.

We are also excited about our drinking water systems and water filters which add to water filtration technology trends. With more awareness on the quality of your drinking water, we can’t wait to share our solutions and products with more of the world.

Ready to talk to one of our experts about improving YOUR water?

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